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Property Maintenance For Homes And Small Offices
About Woods Property Solutions Ltd
Property Maintenance for Homes and Small Offices

Over the past 18 years we have diversified into property maintenance, mainly for small offices and private homes and insurance claims as a preferred trade professional for RSA, Halifax, Hiscox and Forits to name a few. Mainly refurbishments from escapes of water and fire damage whcih tends to involve new kitchens and bathrooms, new laminate or wood floors and new ceilings and walls with full redecoration.

N Cronin

“Good work, pleased with the work done. Very friendly and very helpful”

For 30 years Woods Property Solutions Ltd have built 1000′s of new homes for Charles Church, Cala Homes, Linden Homes and many more. A number of large extensions have also been built with 80-100+ employed staff running 8 new build sites at any one time. Woods Property Solutions Ltd are NHBC registered and have built and sold their own new homes. Electrical and Gas Safe work is subcontracted out in order to comply with health and safety laws.

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Keith Woods

Keith Woods jointly owns and operates Woods Property Solutions Ltd with his wife, Paulyne Woods. Woods Property Solutions Ltd specialise in providing general property maintenance to clients along the M4 corridor between Chippenham (J17) and Reading (J10).

Keith started in the building trade in 1971. Woods Property Solutions Ltd has been established since 1973 and became a limited company in 2011. Keith has the knowledge, experience and skill required to build a property from start to finish.

Paulyne Woods

Paulyne has been involved in the business since 1973. You may ask what experience Paulyne has! Well apart from doing all the administration, payroll, estimates and running the office, including filing planning applications, she has also helped build the homes herself and Keith have lived in. Laying driveways, tiling floors, painting, glossing, mixing the cement whilst Keith laid the bricks and clearing heaps of dirt after the footings have been dug. Paulyne has been very hands on in the past! However, today, Paulyne supports the business behind the scenes, whilst Keith and the team continue to get their hands dirty.

18 years of delivering the very best property solutions.